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2013 Nov 11 004 IMG_1200 IMG_1202 IMG_1199 IMG_1198 IMG_1197 IMG_1196 2013 Nov 11 041 2013 Nov 11 040 2013 Nov 11 038 2013 Nov 11 036 2013 Nov 11 035 2013 Nov 11 027 2013 Nov 11 022 2013 Nov 11 008  2013 Nov 11 006  The event, held at Le Depanneur Cafe, was a highly enjoyable success.  Eve Krakow and Jeff Miller read their contributions, and I mc’d and read my poem included in the anthology, as well as others.  Thanks to Naomi Lewis and Rona Altrows at U. of A. Press, Le Depanneur Cafe, all who came out on this rainy evening to make it a wonderful event!

Shy Launch update


The Montreal launch of Shy: An Anthology will be taking place on Nov. 11, 7pm at Le Depanneur Cafe. Feel free to click on the image to see it larger…

A heart-felt endorsement…

shy anthologyWrote Eve Krakow, one of the contributors to the Shy Anthology, to its editors (and she gave me permission to quote this), “…I too have been reading through the anthology and I’m amazed at how much I recognize myself in these stories and poems. It is something of a revelation. Maybe I’ve read stories with this character type before, but it’s quite different to have a whole book of them. Wow. Thanks for putting this together!”
You couldn’t imagine a more heart-felt endorsement than that.  Eve, Jeff Miller and I are organizing the anthology’s Montreal launch on Nov.  11 (this comment of hers was part of our five-way correspondence.)
Details of the launch in the post below.

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