Raphael Bendahan, Sit Up

Sit Up - Poems from Raphael Bendahan

1st edition, 150 copies: April. 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9868890-0-4
Price: $10 CDN/US including shipping
26 pages
Status: In Print

By turns sensual, witty, mournful, acerbic, and cutting, these poems by Raphael Bendahan will make you sit up and listen.



There is a gold set
That will serve eight.

A plated silver set
for formal dining.

A heavily used Moroccan set,
from my mother’s family.

And a dessert set with shiny spoons
A silver spatula and tiny forks.

Four sets in all I’ll never use
gifts for an imagined groom, a wedding
that won’t happen; knives, forks and spoons

and all that’s presupposed by those
more fortunate in love than cutlery.

Raphael Bendahan is a Montreal film maker, photographer and poet. His films have been screened nationally and internationally. Both his photography and film work are in numerous collections, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Canada Council Art Bank, the University of New Mexico, Knokke Heist Film Archives in Belgium and the National Gallery of Canada.