Jocelyne Dubois, Hot Summer Night

Hot Summer Night - Poems from Jocelyne Dubois

1st edition, 100 copies: Aug. 2008
2nd edition, 50 copies: Oct. 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9868890-2-8
Price: $10 CDN/US including shipping
35 pages
28 poems
Status: In Print

Jocelyne Dubois’ poetry is characterized by limpid and at times searing clarity. This collection comprises a particularly courageous narration: Jocelyne suffers from bipolar disorder, and in these poems she takes us on a harrowing journey through breakdown, hospitalization and recovery..



A stone mansion sits on top
of a hill.
Troubled minds visit each day.
Some stay a long while.

I think about the man
who lived here, years ago.
Horses & carriages
wine & duck
served on white linen.

When he died, he gave it all away.

Today, people drop in
for toast & coffee in Styrofoam.
They sit on plastic chairs,
swallow pills
& wait
to talk
to doctors.

Jocelyne Dubois’ novella, World of Glass (Quattro Books, 2013) was shortlisted for the 2013 QWF Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction.  Her short stories have appeared in The Dalhousie Review, Exile, carte blanche, Transition and The Toronto Quarterly. Her poetry has appeared in Canadian Women Studies (York University) and Brèves Littéraires (in English and French translation). Jocelyne’s visual art has been exhibited in Montréal galleries, and may be seen at Jocelyne Dubois: Paintings.