Book Reviews

In Pacific Rim Review of Books/Interfaces

Intriguing Scenarios, review of Vesuvio/Vesuvius, by Zulmira Ribiero Tavares, translated by Hugh Hazelton, in PRRB Vol. 11 #1, Winter 2017; published simultaneously in Interface, the review of the Brazilian Association of Canadian Studies (ABECAN).

“One Stone, Many Meanings”, review of Barbara Pelman’s One Stone (Ekstasis) in Pacific Rim Review of Books, PRRB, Issue 3, Spring, 2006.

In Rover Arts

From 2008 to 2015, Brian Campbell wrote book reviews regularly for Rover Arts, an online Montreal magazine that is no longer extant. PDF’s of these reviews can be provided on request. 

All Souls’, by Rhea Tregebov, Signal Editions, Vehicule Press

Words for Elephant Man, by Kenneth Sherman, Porcupine’s Quill Press

Undercurrents: New Voices in Canadian Poetry, ed. Robyn Sarah, Cormorant Books

Patient Frame, by Steven Heighton, House of Anansi

Good Book: The Bizarre, Hilarious, Disturbing, Marvelous, And Inspiring Things I Learned When I Read Every Single Word Of The Bible, by David Plotz, Harper Perennial.

The Crow’s Vow, by Susan Briscoe, Signal Editions, Véhicule Press

Wanton, by Angela Hibbs, Insomniac Press

Risky Experiments, Rich Rewards

the Forest of Faded Wisdom, Gendun Chopel, trans. Donald S. Lopez, Jr., University of Chicago Press

Expressway, Sina Queyras, Coach House Books

On Earth: Last Poems and an Essay, Robert Creeley, University of California Press

PENNY DREADFUL Shannon Stewart, Signal Editions WHITE PORCUPINE Phil Hall, BookThug

WHAT IF RED RAN OUT Katia Grubisic, Goose Lane Editions NOBLE GAS, PENNY BLACK David O’Meara, Brick Books

JAILBREAKS: 99 CANADIAN SONNETS Edited by Zachariah Wells, Biblioasis

Christiane Frenette’s After the Red Night

in Montreal Review of Books

Can Poetry Matter

essay in Rock Salt Plum Review, Spring, 2006