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Passenger Flight. Winnipeg: Signature Editions, 2009. 90 p. ISBN 978-1-897109-33-5
Guatemala & Other Poems. Toronto: Window Press, 1994. 66 p. ISBN 09696447-1-X
Published under the pseudonym Bryan McKnight
Undressing the Night: Selected Poems of Francisco Santos, translated and edited
by Brian Campbell. Heredia, Costa Rica: Editorial Lunes, 2006. 144 p.
ISBN 9968-9542-9-2


for British Columbia Provincial Exam

In 2008, “Emblem”, previously published in the April, 2006 edition of Prairie Fire was selected by the British Columbia (Canada) Ministry of Education for its provincial English 12 exam. To be used up to three times between 2009 and 2014, and as an exam sample on the Ministry website until 2016.



Shy (ed. Naomi Lewis, Rona Altrows. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, forthcoming, Oct. 2013): “Women Friends”
Language Matters: Interviews with 22 Quebec Poets (ed. Carolyn Souaid, Endre Farkas, Signature Editions, 2013)
The White Collar Book: Poetry and Prose of Canadian Business Life (ed. Bruce and Carolyn Meyer. Windsor, Ont.:
Black Moss Press, 2011): “Pantoum of a Hired Man”
After The Mountain: The A.M. Klein Reboot Project (ed. Jason Camlot. Montreal: Synapse Press, 2011): “Mountain” Leonard Cohen You’re Our Man: 75 poets reflect on the poetry of Leonard Cohen (ed. Jack Locke. Montreal:
Foundation for Public Poetry, 2009): “Two Went to Sleep”
Continuum: Time, the 4th Dimension (ed. Lenore Langs, Laurie Smith. Windsor, Ont.: Cranberry Tree Press, 2004):
“Conte” (prose poem)
Toronto Small Press Bookfair Anthology, 1987: “Urban Mole”




Saranac Review (Plattsburgh, New York, #7, 2011): “You Told Me to Write a Love Poem”, “Lethargos”,
“Dabble” (Issue 3, 2008): “Green Satellite Shimmer Report”
Brèves Littéraires (Laval, Quebec, #83, Summer, 2011): reprints of “Spoils” and “Behind the Eyelids”, prose poems
from Passenger Flight, with French translations by Nancy R. Lange and Véronique Gagnon
Contemporary Verse 2 (Winnipeg: Vol. 31 #4, Spring, 2009): “CPAP”
Vallum (Montreal: Vol. 6.1, Fall, 2008): “Airports” (prose poem)
MiPOesias (Miami, Fla.: Summer, 2008): “There She Lies” (prose poem)
Geez (Winnipeg: #7, Fall 2007): “Spoils” (prose poem)
Antigonish Review (Antigonish, Nova Scotia: #148, Winter 2007): “After Reading Too Much Shields & Atwood” Semicolon (Montreal: Spring, 2006): “Harangue”
Carve (Montreal: Spring, 2006): “Carnivale”
Prairie Fire (Winnipeg: Vol. 27, #1, Spring, 2006): “Lac Connelly”, “Emblem”, “Tree: Versions”
The New Quarterly (Waterloo, Ont.: #95, Summer 2005) in Voices on the Wind: A Gathering of Poems,
edited by Robyn Sarah: “Death” (prose poem)
Streeteaters, (Montreal: Issue 21, May 2003) “Adze” (prose poem); (#22, June 2003):  “His Choice”
Pouèt~cafëe! (Montreal : #3, printemps-ete 2002): “Instant”Poem, 1991-1994 (Toronto: Window Press, various issues): “Shaft”, “Urban Mole”, “Limbo”,
“The Poem He Didn’t Write”, “The Price of Gold”
New Canadian Review (Pointe Claire-Dorval, Que. Vol. 2, #2, Summer 1990): “Guatemala: April 3, 1985”
Acta Victoriana (Toronto, l989): “Tiny”
Grain (Saskatoon: Vol. 16, #4, Winter, l988): “This Page”
Phoenix Rising (Toronto: Vol. 7, #3 Dec. l987): “His Accomplishment”
Poetry Canada Review (Toronto: June, l984): “A Brief Exercise in Megalomania”
Acta Victoriana, (Toronto: l979): “An Apology”


Sunday@6mag (Montreal: Aug. 2012): “Light”
carte blanche  (Montreal: # 15, 2012): “Opening”
(Montreal: # 7, Summer 2008): “It’s Not That I’m Getting Older”, “Purr”
(Montreal, # 6, Fall 2007): “Downriver”
Poetry Quebec (Montreal: #11, Dec. 2011) “Parquet”, “Parlons Français”
“Subdiv” (poem) (#4, Oct, 2009)
Brian Campbell Spotlighted (Interview, #3, April 2010)
Apparatus Magazine (Chicago: Dec. 2009, Vol. 1 # 6): “My Own” (prose poem)
The Evergreen Review (New York City: #118, June, 2009): “Fix” (prose poem)
Nth Position (London, England: March, 2009): “Friends”; “Wacky Woo” (prose poems)
(July 2006): “Hokey Cahooty”; “North Hatley”
Eclectica (Alaska/Illinois, USA: Jan/Feb, 2009): “My Oh-So-Friendly Alter Ego” (prose poem)
Umbrella (New York City: Summer, 2008): “Salt”
Montreal Serai (Montreal: Vol. 20, #2 Summer 2007): “Casements” (prose poem)
Poets Against War Canada (Montreal: Summer 2007): “Devils”
Cezanne’s Carrot (Santa Fe, NM: Vol. 2, #1 Winter Solstice, 2006): “Tincture”
Dusie (Switzerland: # 2, Oct. 2005): “Caesura” (prose poem)
“Canto: 24 Variations on a Verse of Francisco Santos” (with Francisco Santos and Allen Sutterfield)


(Spanish into English)

Free Verse: First International Festival of Poetry of Resistance (Toronto, 2009): “Undressing the Night”,
Francisco Santos.  Reprint of poem in Undressing the Night
Ruptures, (Montreal: #5, 1994): Carmen Nozal (Spain-Mexico): “Acueducto del sueño/Aqueduct of Dream”;
Marguerita Feliciano (Argentina-Canada): “Durmiente/Asleep”
(#4, 1993): Etnairis Rivera (Puerto Rico): “Amor de fin de siglo/Love, Fin de Siècle”;
Hebe Bonifini (Argentina): “La madre de un revolucionario/Mother of a Revolutionary”
Indigo (York University, Toronto: Vol. 1, #2 Summer, 1991): Francisco Santos (Nicaragua-Canada): “Soy Rico”/I’m
Rich”, “Canción de un músico/Song of a Musician”, “Esquina/Intersection, “Inmortalidades/Immortalities”



Reviews and journalism in The Rover (
“Earthbound: Artful, Polished, Acute”: Robert Creeley, On Earth: Last Poems and an Essay
“Playing Fast and Loose With Rules”: Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets (ed. Zachariah Wells)
“Of Clarity and Clutter”: David O’Meara, Noble Gas, Penny Black; Katia Grubisic, What if Red Ran Out
“News that Stays News”: Shannon Stewart, Penny Dreadful; Phil Hall, White Porcupine
Coverage of the 2009 Blue Metropolis Festival: Tariq Ali, Carol Zardetto, Sergio Ramirez
“Risky Experiments, Rich Rewards”: Thomas James, Letters to a Stranger
“The Joy of Onward, The Endless Fuel”: Sina Queyras, Expressway
“An Unconventional Buddhist Poetics”: Gendun Chopel, In the Forest of Faded Wisdom, trans. Daniel Lopez
“Rich in Wit and Implication”: Angela Hibbs, Wanton
“A Decastitch in Time”: Susan Briscoe, A Crow’s Vow
“Grappling with God”: David Plotz, Good Book
“Ready for His Close-up”: Steven Heighton, Patient Frame
“Waving, Not Drowning”: Undercurrents, edited by Robyn Sarah
“Freakish Travails”: Kenneth Sherman, Words for Elephant Man

Reviews in the Montreal Review of Books:
Review of Christianne Frenette’s “After the Red Night”, trans. Sheila Fischman, Vol. 12,#3 (Summer, 2009)
Review of Yves Engler’s “The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy”, Vol. 12,#4 (Fall, 2009)

“Can Poetry Matter – 15 Years After”, essay in Rock Salt Plum Review (Berlin, Germany: Spring 2006) A survey of reactions to Dana Gioia’s 1991 Atlantic article, “Can Poetry Matter?”, with a critique of current conditions as they relate to his thesis. 4,000 w. RSPR ceased publication and is no longer available online; the article can be found at

“One Stone, Many Meanings”, review of Barbara Pelman’s One Stone (Ekstasis) in Pacific Rim Review of Books, Issue 3, Spring, 2006.  Available on line at



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Nina Bruck, Still Light at Five O’clock. 25 pages, 300 copies, © 2007
Winner of the 2008 Writer’s Circle of Durham Region Poetry Chapbook Challenge
Jocelyne Dubois, Hot Summer Night. 35 pages, 100 copies, © 2008
Raphael Bendahan: Sit Up, 25 pages, 150 copies, © 2011